Bridgeport's Missing Republican Votes

Where did all the Republican votes go in Bridgeport, Connecticut? Either over half of the traditional Republican voters in gubernatorial elections were no-shows on November 2 or the Constitution State's most populous city...lost its constitution.Bridgeport is certainly not the sort of idyllic Norman Rockwell town found throughout most of Connecticut. It has long endured political corruption and patronage, high rates of poverty and crime, a shrinking economy, a  declining population, and more recently, an infestation of radical progressive groups such as ACORN, AFL-CIO, WFP, and SEIU. Bridgeport did not earn the nickname "Chicago of the East" for nothing.Despite its proximity to some of the wealthiest communities in the country, this small coastline city and former manufacturing center has not shared in its neighbors' spectacular growth and prosperity. This undoubtedly is due in part to the influx of social justice organizations, which seem to spread poverty,...(Read Full Article)