Barbara Boxer and the 'Star Wars' Sabotage

Senator Barbara Boxer is locked in a tight race against Republican challenger Carly Fiorina. I've written about Boxer in the past, focusing mainly on her fanaticism on the abortion issue. There has been no one in the Senate -- and I mean no one -- as bad as Boxer on this issue.Much of that history about Boxer is known, with pro-lifers nationwide begging Californians to stop reelecting a woman who, in October 1999, while tenaciously defending partial-birth abortion, declared that a newborn gets rights only once its parents bring it home. Much less well-known was Boxer's role in helping to undermine -- via ridicule -- Ronald Reagan's historic Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). To the contrary, Boxer has positioned herself as both pro-defense and a great advocate of missile reductions. Ironically, if Boxer had had her way with SDI, America would have lost its single best bargaining chip in bringing the Soviets to the table, achieving unprecedented missile reductions, and literally...(Read Full Article)