Americans Learning to Submit

In the George Orwell classic Animal Farm, there lived a horse named Boxer. He was strong, willing, and dependable. In fact, Boxer was so dedicated to his assignments and his leader that he often said, "Napoleon is always right," followed by his personal pledge to "work harder" toward accomplishing the state's goals.Boxer was a good, faithful horse. But his fault was his blind devotion to his leader and his willingness to sacrifice himself for Napoleon's grand schemes. Boxer never benefited from his loyalty or from Napoleon's phony promise of an easy future. When he was no longer useful, he was shipped to the glue factory, ironically under the guise of receiving state provided medical treatment. Let that sink in, ObamaCare advocates.On Animal Farm, appeals to necessity, subtle changes to established rules, and revisionist history were the tools used to control Boxer and his comrades. Boxer willingly accepted his marching orders until his fate was sealed. The tactics...(Read Full Article)