Airport Scanners and Marxist Criminology

The new TSA airport scanners have justifiably garnered a lot of attention and criticism. Frankly, the entire scheme is nothing more than a cheap contrivance to give the impression that Democrats care deeply about national security. Insofar as Democrats actually care about national security, it could not be more obvious that it is a mere afterthought to their main agenda of turning America into a tawdry imitation of socialist Europe. It is only an uninterested administration that views national security as a perfunctory and unserious task that, as a response to radical Islamic plane hijackers, would conceive of fondling every flyer -- including little Caucasian toddlers -- to look for bombs. It is preposterous to burden innocent Americans with intrusive searches before they board airplanes because of the actions of Islamic terrorists -- who, surprisingly, always seem to effortlessly subvert airport security to commit their atrocities. If only airport security were a little more...(Read Full Article)