What John Lennon Failed to Imagine

It's a landmark event for Beatledom. John Lennon, dead these thirty years, would have turned seventy years old today.For many '60s survivors who grew up in thrall of the Fab Four, the idea that such an important symbol of the youth culture has arrived at the threshold of old age (if such a category still exists in our teen-obsessed culture) must be profoundly unsettling. It is as if that entire generation had finally found itself washed up on the very doorstep of senility.There can be no doubt that Lennon, in his partnership with the brilliant tunesmith Paul McCartney, did craft some of the most memorable pop tunes of the 20th century. That might be reason enough to celebrate his life. But Lennon's failure to complete his life's journey has frozen his memory in perpetual mid-life. There he presides as the guru of peace and love, an unfazed and unrepentant hippie whose vision for world peace remains unfettered by reality or subsequent historical events. Forgotten, or perhaps...(Read Full Article)