Wealthy or Productive?

As we know, President Obama and most members of his progressive regime studiously ignore the principles of free market economics. Their willful distortion of economic reality fuels the rhetoric of many of the liberal policies that prevent America from pulling out of its continuing financial free-fall.For example, one perennial truth of the free market is that employers do not hand out paychecks for doing nothing. Another is that customers demand goods or services in return for payment. It follows that an employee who receives a paycheck, or the owner of a business who turns a profit, is a productive member of society. Generally, the amount of pay or profit is commensurate with a person's level of productivity.As our leaders debate the wisdom of letting the Bush-era tax cuts expire, however, the president and his fellow Democrats ignore these obvious truths and choose instead to cleverly mischaracterize the issue. They repeatedly define the most productive members of society by another...(Read Full Article)