Three Things Government Cannot Do

"Government" is an abstract and amorphous word. It means nothing until it is put into some frame of reference (state government, municipal government, central government, etc.). The addition of these adjectives merely narrows the sphere of legal and constitutional powers of a particular institution. Governments can provide certain services -- like protection of private property or defense from foreign enemies. Governments can also, through taxes, fees, and regulations, redistribute wealth and control some aspects of the goods and services that come to the market. (E.g., governments mandate, either through tax credits or by direct regulation, how much energy certain appliances can consume.) These are the only things that any government can do. Everything else that we are told that governments can do for us is fanciful fiction. This is emphatically true in the United States. Our federal government does not, and cannot, (1) produce products, (2) create wealth, or (3) provide...(Read Full Article)