The Urban Plantation

Education, like the economy and terrorism, has been elevated to a national security problem. Unfortunately, the alarmist rhetoric is seldom matched by decisive action at the personal, municipal, or national level.In the nation's capital, the president sends his kids to private schools. Such hypocrisy is affordable for the wealthy, but the average taxpayer, who exercises choice, pays twice: once for public schools and again for a private school where standards are higher and achievement more likely. The blight in the District of Columbia infects higher education, too. The University of the District of Columbia has been in danger of losing accreditation and has one of the worst graduation rates in the country. D.C. public options are so bad that residents receive subsidies to pursue degrees in other states. Again, the taxpayer pays twice: for a sub-par college, and for subsidies that take serious students elsewhere. If public school teachers and administrators could be sued for...(Read Full Article)