The Left's Terror Folly

The reported planned attacks on France, Great Britain, Germany, and Belgium destroy the left-wing narrative about radical Islam and terrorism. It is vital that left-wing governments learn from their mistakes.The left-wing narrative on Islamic terrorism is often nothing more than a rehash of left-wing beliefs on American foreign policy in general. The narrative is that aggressive, interventionist foreign policy, advocated by demons such as Cheney, Bush, Palin, and Krauthammer, has upset and isolated enormous chunks of the usually moderate Islamic world, who in turn have turned against America. As a consequence, they say this has led to the flowering of Islamic extremism that we see now [i]. The left-wing solution to the problem of Islamic extremism -- as championed by the foreign policy of various European countries and, more recently, the Obama administration -- is to make nice with the Islamic world as a whole, apologize and distance ourselves from our shameful, imperialistic...(Read Full Article)