The Curious History of 'Global Climate Disruption'

Global warming alarmists are seriously considering rebranding their fear campaign in the face of public skepticism.A September 16 Fox News report analyzed the suggestion by Science Czar John Holdren to rename global warming "global climate disruption," while also offering this tidbit:In a 2007 presentation, Holdren suggested a similar phrase change -- "global climatic disruption." The newest suggestion prompted many satirical alternatives, however, his own 2007 variant actually goes back to 1997, revealing a far more serious association with an eco-advocacy group. According to a May 14, 1997 endorsement request to scientists made by directors of Ozone Action, "The enclosed statement was initiated and written by six of your colleagues who hope you will join them in raising awareness about the threat of climate change."As I detailed in my July American Thinker article, Ozone Action seems to be the epicenter of a successful campaign to portray skeptic...(Read Full Article)