Thank the NRA for the Death of 'Disclose'

Now that the free speech-killing Disclose Act has yet again failed to go anywhere in the Senate, it's time to set the record straight on whom we have to thank for its rightful death: the National Rifle Association of America. Yes, the same group miscast to so many people by bloggers and drive-by journalists as the villain in this drama.First, a little history is in order. In 2002, the NRA learned what so many Tea Party activists already know: you can't trust the political establishment. When campaign finance "reform" passed Congress that year, Republicans controlled the House, Senate, and White House. Republican Party leaders assured the NRA and other pro-free speech groups that there was no reason to worry, because even if the bill passed, it would surely be vetoed by a Republican president. After the bill passed and the Republican president failed to veto it, the NRA and other groups were again told not to worry, as it would be immediately declared unconstitutional by...(Read Full Article)