Pimps and Parasites

When someone connected with Jerry Brown's campaign referred to Meg Whitman as a "whore," it revealed a lot about the way liberals think. The liberal mind, it would seem, always thinks in terms of offering or receiving payment for illicit services. Whether it is the governor of the state of New York caught with a high-priced prostitute or the Brown campaign itself pandering to the union gravy train, for liberals, just about everything is "pay to play."  This being three weeks before the election, pandering has reached a fever pitch among Democratic politicians. With the apparent failure of certain mortgage companies to monitor every aspect of the foreclosure process, several Democratic attorneys general now see an opportunity to demagogue the issue. As recently reported, Ohio's Richard Cordray is blustering that mortgage companies need "to clean this up by doing loan workouts to keep people in their homes." Meanwhile, Illinois Attorney General Lisa...(Read Full Article)