Our Schools' Useful Idiots

The textbook wars rage in Texas, but the battles affect students throughout the nation. When I returned to college as a middle-aged adult in the 1990s, my professors regularly impugned all the textbooks that came before my time; they were all written by men, there were too few voices of the "dispossessed," too few perspectives of the many and varied cultures that populate our planet. These books were tossed in favor of the new, culturally relativist, politically correct, diversity-promoting, dispossessed-favoring, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, pro-Islam textbooks of today. Our required reading was not only revisionist, but fanciful -- what these committed multiculturalists wanted to be true. Why were our Middle East scholars caught off-guard by 9/11? Their books had long been sanitized.   Like our Ivy League president, nearly all academics today habitually apologize for America, its success, its wealth, its power, and its people. It's a fair guess that 99% of our...(Read Full Article)