Obama's Pumpkin

As pumpkins line the front of my local market and appear on neighbors' porches, I am reminded of the famous pumpkin described in Whittaker Chambers' autobiography, Witness. A moving and beautifully written book containing much more than a tale of espionage and intrigue, Witness has had a profound impact on many conservatives, containing priceless words of wisdom while documenting a massive, tangled web of Communist infiltration into the U.S. government and mainstream media during the Cold War. The key evidence proving Chambers' allegations against Soviet spy Alger Hiss, an important member of the U.S. State Department, became notoriously known as the "Pumpkin Papers," for they were secretly placed by Chambers in a hollowed-out pumpkin in the patch on his family farm. Rather than hiding his indictment in a farmer's field, author David Limbaugh recently published a New York Times Bestseller, Crimes Against Liberty, containing a hefty five hundred pages of devastating...(Read Full Article)