Obama's Katrina -- Hurricane Rahm

President Obama's former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, is notorious for saying, "You never want a serious crisis go to waste," specifically with regard to energy policy. To fully understand the context of his comment, you need to watch the video. He also said, "For a long time, our energy policy came down to cheap oil" (see 0:23 to 0:26). The BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill gave the administration its chance to put its words into action with catastrophic results for the economy of the Gulf States. The proof of this can be seen in the New York Times article "Should BP's Money Go Where the Oil Didn't," which details the imbalance of claims submitted to the BP fund Administrator Kenneth Feinberg between the states of Louisiana and Florida, with Florida outpacing Louisiana by 35,000 to 31,000 despite the fact that not one drop of oil washed ashore on the Florida peninsula (exclusive of the Panhandle). The article details the downturn in Florida's $60-billion...(Read Full Article)