Obama as the End, Not the Means

As a 45-year-old man, I have had dozens of jobs, starting at age 11 as a paper boy, through high school, college, and now my professional career. All of these jobs had a common thread: my bosses hired me as a means to an end. The end was something of productive value, be it to build a house, make sandwiches, develop training, or teach courses. In all of these cases, I was required to present credentials, convince the boss that I was the best one available for the position, and then complete the tasks that my employer required.As our president's approval rating continues to decline, I understand his frustration. How would you feel if you were hired for your position, and in the interview, you specifically detailed your intentions and informed your soon-to-be bosses about the steps you were going to take to accomplish these goals, only to reach many of them but see your performance reviews seriously decline to the point that you may lose your job?Politifact.com 2010 reports that of the...(Read Full Article)