Democrat Dirty Tricks: The Next Round

As we gallop toward the date of the Democratic apocalypse, Democrats are pulling more tricks out of their bag to bamboozle (as Barack Obama would say) voters into pulling the lever for them come November 2. "How low will they go?" is the question.Let's take another tour of the political landscape to see what these geniuses have cooked up to deliver to us through their friends in the media world.Well, we've got your puppy-killing Republican running for Governor in Illinois. Here is the ad the hapless Democratic incumbent Pat Quinn (successor to the recently convicted Rod Blagojevich) has been running:"Bill Brady's first priority was to sponsor a bill that would mass-euthanize sheltered dogs and cats in gas chambers," the narrator of a web video for incumbent Pat Quinn says, indignantly, in reference to the Democratic governor's Republican opponent. Cut to a woman holding a little fluffy dog. "Shame on Bill Brady," she says. "I am a Republican, but I...(Read Full Article)