Cling to Guns (and Pass the Deer Nachos)

Fall's here, and many a (young and not so young) man's fancy now turns to grabbing that gun he "clings to" while snarling bitterly against "people unlike himself" and hitting the woods. Fall also brings reports of an epidemic of deer-car collisions. Few of these issue from Louisiana, or Dixie in general, precisely that's where people are most prone to "cling to guns."An incident a few years back helps explains why so few deer "infestations" bedevil us in Dixie. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife put a plastic deer with luminous eyes beside a well-traveled bayou highway, planning to stake the place out that night and maybe nab some night-hunting poachers. When they came back a little later for the actual stakeout, that deer was already... remember Bonnie and Clyde at the end of the movie? Remember Sonny Corleone when they trapped him in that toll booth? Well, they got off easy compared to this deer. Plastic deer confetti is what the agents...(Read Full Article)