Attack-Dog Behar Picks Wrong Crusade

During the president's recent appearance on the televised female coffee klatch "The View," he suggested that Joy Behar become the "attack dog" she said he needs to fight back against conservatives. And Ms. Behar seems to have taken the idea to heart.When the producers played a Sharon Angle ad which made moral mincemeat out of Harry Reid's illegal immigration-enabling positions, Ms. Behar responded with attack-dog fury. Behaving as the uncivil shrew that she has become more and more lately, Ms. Behar responded to the Angle ad by declaring the candidate a "bitch" who was surely "going to hell." The following day, when Angle graciously sent Behar flowers in thanks for the $150,000 raised in response to the slur, Behar thanked Angle for the flowers and repeated the b-word.Unfortunately for Ms. Behar, she has picked the wrong crusade and stands herself in need of the confessional.Illegal immigration is as counter to genuine social justice as any...(Read Full Article)