Another Demosaur Headed for Extinction?

James Oberstar (D-MN-08) was running for his third term when I left the state in 1980, and he has never really faced a serious challenge. Oberstar, nominally a resident of Minnesota's Iron Range, has actually lived in Maryland for decades. Before he ran with the retiring Congressman Blatnik's blessing in 1974, Oberstar had spent a dozen years as Blatnik's top aide. During his almost fifty years in Washington, D.C., Oberstar managed to become the wealthiest member of the Minnesota congressional delegation.  Ed Morrissey of Hot Air confirmed something I've suspected for months -- Oberstar may be in trouble this year. I wrote in a June blog post that I've had a feeling that Oberstar may be in for a fight. It's a sprawling, rural district where the New Deal Democrats who first elected the incumbents have died off in droves, private-sector union jobs have declined, and young...(Read Full Article)