A Reform the Tea Party Should Embrace

One of the greatest delights of the Tea Party is disdain for traditional partisan affiliations. The grand theme of the movement is reduction: cut taxes, reduce deficits, limit regulation, and remove the concentration of power in Washington which creates a Never-Never Land for entrenched politicians of both political parties. In fact, the heart of many Tea Party concerns is the plague of unaccountable and self-serving elected officials in Washington. What is true in our nation's capital is true, on a smaller scale, in our state capitals.  Soon after the November elections, legislators all over the nation will engage in one of the most destructive and demoralizing crimes against representative government. When the Census figures are in, state legislatures will begin to redraw congressional and state legislative districts to make these legislative districts as near to equal in population as practicable. In most states, this will be a process of protecting incumbents, especially...(Read Full Article)