Yes, in Fact, We Are Radical

"Radical: of relating to, or proceeding from a root."  - Merriam-Webster's dictionaryWhen the left attacks those of us who value our founding principles as "too radical," some of us may be tempted to respond, "We are not; we just want to uphold the Constitution. You're the ones who are radical!"But "radical" is not a label from which we should defend ourselves. The truth is, we are indeed radical, because America's founding principles represent the most radical and revolutionary change in human governance in millennia.As conservatives in America today, we seek to conserve our founding principles. This is fundamentally different from, say, a Russian conservative who seeks to conserve the traditional state power of mother Russia, or an Iranian conservative who seeks to conserve his theocracy, or a North Korean conservative who seeks to conserve his communist dictatorship.In this sense, to be a conservative in America is to be misunderstood....(Read Full Article)