The Wage Gap Myth

Sometimes you just have to feel sorry for President Obama. Having recently appointed Austan Goolsbee to his economic team, feminists are outraged that Obama chose a man to replace Christina Romer. "Many women have become the sole breadwinners, but because of the wage gap, as the sole breadwinner they can't provide for their families as men can," Terry O'Neill, head of the National Organization for Women, said. "If you had half of the economic advisers being women, I think that perspective would come to the forefront." In one sense, O'Neill is right about a wage gap -- on average, women earn about 80 cents to a man's dollar. Could this mean feminists and Democrats actually have a point on this one? Not a chance. In lieu of the recent 39th anniversary of "Women's Equality Day" and O'Neill's remarks, it is imperative we revisit the wage gap myth. As much as special-interest groups and the media love to parrot the 80 cent statistic, it is hardly due to gender...(Read Full Article)