The 'Rich' Have Another Name: 'Employers'

The LA Times proudly proclaims, "Obama blasts continued tax cuts for the rich!" But every time you hear leftists refer to "the rich," remember that "the rich" are also known by these other terms: employers, investors, the self-reliant, self-starters.Attacking "the rich" is a direct assault on the people who invest and employ. Hate the rich if you must, but don't force them into poverty or offshore solutions. If you hope to bankrupt the rich, you have only seen the beginning of the economic collapse to come.From the LA Times article:  President Obama drew a sharp contrast with Republicans Wednesday over what was shaping up as a key issue in the midterm congressional elections: the extension of tax cuts for top earners, which he said were unsustainable.Obama also drew a sharp contrast with most American citizens. Only 30% of citizens polled agree with Obama, Pelosi, and Reid that employers and investors should be assaulted again by ending...(Read Full Article)