The Left Keeps Losing Everywhere

Many conservatives look at their first chance to defeat the left in six years when nervous Democrats try to explain away Obama's disastrous leftward lurch. Not only is the left looking at a big defeat in America in two months, but it has been getting slobber-knocked all over the modern industrialized world.Five months ago, in the British General Election, the Labour Party, which had been in power since the early 1990s, suffered a devastating defeat, losing 91 seats in the House of Commons. Although David Cameron's Conservative Party had to form a coalition with the yuppie-ish Liberal Party, Conservatives are still the senior party in this government, and Cameron resonates well with British voters.Last September, Angela Merkel's Christian Democrat Party soundly trounced the Social Democrats, and the Christian Democrats' traditional coalition ally, the Free Democrats, gained enough support so that Merkel could end the "grand coalition" of her center-right party with the...(Read Full Article)