Tax Me More: A Modest Proposal

Huge numbers of these "rich" Americans are leftists, and yet these rich leftists try to reduce their tax burden as much as possible. If the best government policy towards wealth is to tax it heavily, then why don't leftists lead the way? Isn't this sort of leadership -- leadership by example -- the most effective?Mike Huckabee, when he was Governor of Arkansas nine years ago, created the "Tax Me More Fund," which allowed those leftists in the state who felt that tax rates should be higher to send a check to this fund, which would be used to help the general revenue crisis that Arkansas was facing at the time. Huckabee did not have the support of the Arkansas legislature. He did not even have the support of Republicans in the legislature. But he acted anyway.  The "Tax Me More" policy gained political traction in other states like Kansas, Oregon, and Alaska, but not at the federal level. But listen to the rhetoric of leftists and see why a federal...(Read Full Article)