Sorry, But We Deserve Our Schools

Public schools aren't the failures they're castigated for being; they are misunderstood successes. True, they don't teach very much English, math, or history but that's a secondary job. Young kids are regularly suspended for drawing pictures of guns, wearing T-shirts with guns on them, possessing empty ammo casings, or anything else suggestive of an armed citizenry. That's primary, and the public schools are good at it. The students maybe can't multiply or read, but they all know guns are bad, just as they know how to do sex and sell green theory to their parents. They are turning out well-trained future voters favoring the current leftish pieties who will obediently support Progressive government and who will not ask too many questions.Education is a low priority because teaching folks to think produces independent individuals who are troublesome to govern and become more difficult as government goes beyond a minimum. Much better just to provide basic tools to run the...(Read Full Article)