Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's Record Is Not So 'Hot'

Desperately trying to think of something both positive and credible to say about New York State's accidental U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid blurted out that Gillibrand is the Senate's "hottest" member.Reid's remark, made on September 20 at a ritzy private Democratic Party fundraiser in Manhattan, was sufficiently unimportant to qualify for massive media coverage.     Unfortunately for Senator Gillibrand, part of the fallout from this particular instance of media pursuit of the trivia has been to make New York State residents more aware of her and curious about her record.What they are now beginning to discover about their heretofore largely unknown senator, who was appointed by New York's scandal-tainted governor to fill the remainder of Hillary Clinton's unexpired term, is that her performance in office is not so hot.And this is why the usually reliable SurveyUSA poll shows that Gillibrand's Republican-Conservative...(Read Full Article)