Power and Hypocrisy

People in positions of power are very susceptible to behaving in ways that contradict their own public dictates. And the more legitimate they believe their power to be, the more brazenly they will do what they tell others not to do.Barrack Obama attacks the "fat cats," declares that at some point we've made enough money, and nags us for not being generous enough -- requiring the government to spread the wealth around -- while making millions of dollars himself, giving little to charity, and taking ostentatious vacations.Al Gore excoriates us on how we need to restrict our wasteful lifestyles and limit our carbon footprint while flying around the world in private jets and living in huge homes using a dozen times the energy of most people.Republicans held the presidency and enjoyed majorities in the House and Senate for most of 2001-2007, elected by majorities who wanted smaller and less intrusive government. But many of those elected Republicans used their power to grow the...(Read Full Article)