Obama's Empathy Deficit

Barack Obama talks a lot about empathy, but, as is true of many liberals, he does not practice what he preaches.Obama has the palaver down about empathy -- for him, it was a campaign prop to humanize himself and mark him as being different from cold-hearted Republicans. His was an appeal to our better natures and for our votes. During the campaign, he told students at Northwestern University that "we live in a culture that discourages empathy" and challenged them to cultivate empathy. Empathy -- not Roe v.Wade, not intellect or legal skills -- was to be his litmus test for nominees to the Supreme Court (a qualification found nowhere in the Constitution or in the history of the United States). We wanted a president who cared about all of us, one who could bring us together. Empathy would be the glue that would bring us together -- a one-word solution, a mantra, that would repair our souls and heal us as a nation. Obama swept people off their feet and into the voting booths....(Read Full Article)