Obama, the Academic Zombie

For those who've struggled to find out what makes Obama tick, the mystery is over. It's simple. His beliefs and values fully embody the same philosophy in which the vast majority of American university faculty members are fully invested. He promotes, with near perfect predictability, their left-wing, collectivist, counter-American viewpoint. There are thousands and thousands of academics out there gripping a similar playbook. Those observers who missed this point early on either went to college long ago or dutifully studied a narrow curriculum and failed to scrutinize the cultural inclinations and revolutionary intentions of their Oz-like academic surroundings. Only now are some waking up to find that "we're not in America anymore."  Obama is the child of two Ph.D.'s, and other than having been a senior lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School, he has no appreciable practical work experience. Given his upbringing's remote fatherly attention and his rejection of...(Read Full Article)