Media's Self-Defeating Attacks on Palin

Michael Joseph Gross's Vanity Fair piece demonstrates that there will be no end of attacks on Sarah Palin, no limit to their mendacity, and that they will have the exact opposite effect that the left yearns for. The American left and its tame media desire -- with an intensity that normal individuals would find impossible to understand -- to treat Palin the way a pit bull would treat a rabbit: tear her to pieces and toss her aside broken. But each new encounter ends with the governor stronger, more powerful, and more popular than before. What we're seeing is the latest example of the left's habit of creating its own nightmares. Halfway through his presidential term, Jimmy Carter initiated a program that he'd evidently been thinking about for some time. He'd gotten it into his head that the private Baptist church schools which educated a large number of children across the South were racist institutions practicing segregation. In full defiance of the 1st Amendment's free exercise...(Read Full Article)