Media Bigotry Showing

There is no escaping the fact that traditional mainstream media outlets have been trying to label recent conservative movements as racist, or tinged with racism. This has been the case from the town hall meetings and the Tea Party to Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor rally. From the latest coverage of Beck's rally, it is clear that the media has some very deep-seated stereotypes that it just can't seem to excise from its coverage. A less charitable analysis would conclude that the media's bigotry is showing.The amount of anti-conservative vitriol wrapped in accusations of racism that make it into the reporting and commentary on the Tea Party movement or town hall meetings is shocking. The dinosaur press constantly uses an undertone of "Tea Party racism" to explain anti-big government sentiment. The examples are almost too numerous to list. Researching via the excellent Newsbusters, a media watchdog group, allows me to provide you with an abbreviated list of examples. Chris Math:...(Read Full Article)