Liberals' Sticks and Stones Losing Potency

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." - American children's proverbThis famous saying might actually have its origins in Civil War slave quarters, where the punishment of a whip lashing was considered far worse than that of a tongue lashing. In modern America, the battlefield of ideas is generally fought with words and not guns, and with that came the concept of weaponizing words.Words can hurt, deeply. The knife-throwing of political discourse in America ramped itself up over the years, to the point where the term "bomb-thrower" first meant someone who sought mass attacks using explosive words. Liberals have long sought to control the debate by establishing battle lines that would corner their opposition so that any real debate was held under rules designed to ensure liberals would, at worst, earn a draw even if the facts did not support them. Name-calling with attack words became a common tactic of the...(Read Full Article)