How Bad Is Lisa Murkowski?

The decision by Lisa Murkowski to mount a write-in campaign to cling to her Senate seat is just another example of how bad she has been for conservatives. Are Alaskans begging her to run? Well, consider her political history. Her father, Frank Murkowski, gave up his Senate seat in 2002 to run for governor. As governor, Frank appointed his daughter Lisa to fill his unexpired Senate term after he was elected governor and resigned from the Senate. What qualifications did she have -- I mean, other than being his daughter? She had served in the lower chamber of the Alaska State Legislature.In 2004, a strongly Republican year, Lisa Murkowski struggled to win election to a full Senate term with a paltry 48.62% of the popular vote. That is the only time Lisa has faced the voters of Alaska in a general election. So, running in a Republican state, in a Republican year, as an incumbent senator, as a member of the political party which controlled the Senate, and as a member of a famous political...(Read Full Article)