Getting Hosed at the Pump

In the new year, we may notice that more than our taxes have increased. By the end of November 2010, the U.S. Energy Department is expected to complete tests to determine whether increasing the ethanol blend in gasoline would have a detrimental effect on automobile engines and emissions systems.  Most gasoline sold in America now contains up to ten percent ethanol, a renewable product made from plant materials, primarily corn. The inclusion of a prescribed total volume of ethanol in the national supply of motor fuel is mandated by the federal government's Renewable Fuels Standard program. Ethanol-free fuel is still available, but it is becoming less common, and consumers must look for it. Gasoline containing the plant-based product is known as E-10 for the maximum percentage of ethanol currently allowed. The Energy Department is considering an increase to E-15, and, if it is approved, officials say that the higher ethanol-content fuel could be on the market by the beginning of...(Read Full Article)