Dim-Bulb Dems Doom Edison's Baby

Light bulbs sprang from the brilliant mind of Thomas Edison -- a true American hero, right up there with Benjamin Franklin. But his legacy is coming to an end. General Electric, the company that he founded, is closing America's last factory for making incandescent light bulbs, victim of  liberal environmental politics and zealotry.Sadly, not only will the workers be losing their jobs -- devastating another small  town (Winchester, Virginia) -- but the boon created by their replacements, compact fluorescents (CFLs), will not be realized in America, where they were first dreamed up and created, but will instead be enriching China.The Washington Post reports about the close of an era in an elegiac column by Peter Whoriskey:"Now what're we going to do?" said Toby Savolainen, 49, who like many others worked for decades at the factory, making bulbs now deemed wasteful. [snip]What made the plant here vulnerable is, in part, a 2007 energy conservation measure passed by...(Read Full Article)