Clarice's Pieces: Democratic Party Death Panels

The past week began (for me) on a bright note and only got better. The New York Times announced that the Democrats have instituted internal death panels:As Democrats brace for a November wave that threatens their control of the House, party leaders are preparing a brutal triage of their own members in hopes of saving enough seats to keep a slim grip on the majority.In the next two weeks, Democratic leaders will review new polls and other data that show whether vulnerable incumbents have a path to victory. If not, the party is poised to redirect money to concentrate on trying to protect up to two dozen lawmakers who appear to be in the strongest position to fend off their challengers.My friend Rick Ballard immediately pictured Democratic party leaders "breaking the fingers of those clutching the gunwales," and Nancy Pelosi called for a party redistributionist scheme in which members in safe districts were to redirect their money to vulnerable incumbents. I couldn't figure out...(Read Full Article)