A Depression May Be Our Best Hope

Government has become Leviathan, and Leviathan has misbehaved and failed miserably. Not since the Civil War has the political future been so tenuous. The Constitution is routinely ignored. The federal government is at odds with states over health care, immigration, and other issues. The public's wishes have been regularly ignored by their representatives.The issue is how to shrink government back to its intended size. All westernized democracies have been on an inexorable march toward Socialism. Is such a trend reversible? How do you roll back Leviathan when it has no intent of allowing such a thing? No government has ever grown anywhere near this powerful and been downsized peacefully. It can be done, but probably not via the ballot box.  Here is some key information on the current situation.The economy is the worst since the 1930s: The country suffered two recessions within seven years. The stock market is 20% off from ten years ago. Real weekly wages are below where they were...(Read Full Article)