Woodrow Wilson and Barack Obama: Lifestyles of the Rich and Progressive

By now, the adjectives have become commonplace for Barack Obama and his administration. Progressive. Game-Changing. Wilsonian.Yes, similarities do exist between Barack Obama and his Democratic predecessor, Woodrow Wilson. Both are frigidly demeanored but messianic academics. With barely two years of government experience in statewide office, each assumed the presidency and presided over fundamental overhauls of the existing American system.But here's where one can find another little-noticed but perhaps telling comparison: their work habits.Barack Obama is already more famous for vacations, golfing, and theater-going than he ought to be. In a period of economic crisis, he is off to Maine and Hawaii and Broadway and Martha's Vineyard. His wife communes with the King of Spain. In time of war, he ducks a Memorial Day ceremony to vacation in America's favorite sun-and-fun vacation spot -- Chicago. He plays basketball. He works out. He golfs and golfs -- and golfs.The pattern and the...(Read Full Article)