Who Needs Torrid?

"Torrid" is the word the nearly 60-year-old congressman used to describe his extended adulterous relationship with a married staffer that destroyed his political career. He is possibly the last politician in this town that most observers -- especially those of us who knew him and respected him -- would have expected to have an affair.  When he and the woman met, he said, they spontaneously felt a "spark." As they worked closely together, the spark ignited a flame of passion that eventually engulfed them. The congressman added, as a matter of context, that his vulnerability stemmed in part from the loneliness of his bachelor existence in the nation's capital, with his family back home. He paints a Spinozian picture of a spark landing in dry tender (i.e., a lonely man), with proximity fanning the blaze into a hot, torrid affair. While he felt terrible guilt over the affair, he both blamed himself and the circumstances, as well as the chemistry between them,...(Read Full Article)