The 'Right to Health Care' Can Be the Right to No Care

If you read British newspapers, you know their universal health care system is cutting more and more services. There, everyone's right to health care is becoming the right to no care. Do we want that in the USA?Health care as a right means that people are entitled to medical care services, just like free speech and the right to assemble. We do not have to do anything to get them. They are ours by right, and they are free. We have no responsibility and therefore no personal control and/or need to make decisions. In all societies without exception, supply must equal demand. This may be done by nature, as in hunter-gatherer societies, by the free market in capitalist nations, or by the government in socialist or communist countries. But someone or something must balance the two. Another word for balancing supply and demand is "rationing.""Ration" comes from the Latin ratio (to reason or think) and can be defined as "allowing an individual a fixed amount of a...(Read Full Article)