The New Generation of Security Threats

In Newt Gingrich's latest book, To Save America, he reflects on the five potentially catastrophic threats to the United States. Gingrich lists the threats as "Terrorists with nuclear weapons, Electromagnetic pulse attack, Cyber warfare, Biological warfare, and the potential gap between Chinese and American capabilities." Gingrich stated to American Thinker that "there is a definite need to understand your opponent. We cannot greatly under estimate the enemy, who can be very smart and very dangerous."  Newt Gingrich commented that "Henry Kissinger once said to me that when he was Secretary of State, he got up in the morning and worried about Beijing and Moscow and occasionally worried about the Middle East. Now we live in a multi-polar world where there are different issues happening simultaneously." Former CIA Director Michael Hayden noted that "[m]y priorities as director were counter-terrorism, counter-proliferation (nuclear, biological, and...(Read Full Article)