The Education of Glenn Beck

Depending on where you get your news, I was one of about 87,000 -- or a number approaching 350,000 -- on the National Mall this past Saturday at Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" event. Despite the scoffing and screaming of the knights of the keyboard and czars of the cable nets that Beck is a hateful, lying racist and the throngs on the National Mall were bigoted, gullible dupes, Beck's gathering was a peaceful, orderly love-in -- love of country, love of our heritage, love of fellow patriots no matter their origin. Think what you will of Glenn Beck -- the descriptions are legion: He is a goof. He cries a lot. Sometimes he says some truly head-scratching stuff. He is America's history professor or the next P.T. Barnum. But there are some self-evident truths about Glenn Beck. The man has a deep love of the United States. He has committed himself to deep and thoughtful study of the actual documents, letters, and papers of the men who founded this nation. He is on a quest to know...(Read Full Article)