The Autumn of the Left

According to Battleground Poll results over the last ten years, conservatives are about sixty percent of the population, liberals are roughly thirty-five percent, and all the others -- moderate, don't know, and refused to answer -- are consistently about five percent.  Not all polls show the same results as the Battleground Poll. Many polls, which reveal only a slight amount of information on their internals or which switch the questions that the polling organization asks to fit the current needs of the left, show smaller percentages of Americans as conservative (but also smaller groups of Americans as liberals).  Gallup, one of the oldest polling organizations, has shown the same ratio of conservatives to liberals (roughly two to one favoring conservatives) and that this ratio has stayed the since at least 1992.Gallup has just updated a poll which I wrote about last August: the ideological breakdown of each of the fifty states. The August 2009 Gallup Poll showing the...(Read Full Article)