Strip Mines into Elk Habitat

In a story that again shows that mother nature can be much more resilient than some people imagine, for the first time in over maybe 170 years or more, a large wild elk herd roams the Appalachian woods in significant numbers.  I am not talking about the elk reintroduced in small number into Great Smoky National Park on the North Carolina-Tennessee border, where they have been a major tourist attraction. Only 52 elk were introduced in 2001 and 2002. The current Smoky Park population is said to be around a hundred animals.  I am talking about the as many as 10,000 elk that freely roam in Eastern Kentucky today. It is interesting to compare the large amounts of publicity the small-scale reintroduction of elk by the federal government in a National Park has received to the fact that stories of the much larger-scale reintroduction of elk into eastern Kentucky have mostly been confined to the regional news and to hunting...(Read Full Article)