Ida May and the Ponzi Scheme

Recently, the 75th anniversary of Social Security was celebrated by Democrats as a great achievement in government social programs. Nancy Pelosi was present at several events lauding this anniversary; some even featured gigantic anniversary cakes. But platitudes and oversized pastry aside, Social Security is a vexing societal enigma. It is a government program upon which many seniors depend in their retirement years, but it is also a program that will most assuredly bankrupt our nation if left in the hands of politicians to control.The concept of social security in America was born in the desperate years of the Great Depression. President Franklin D. Roosevelt saw the concept of government-administered "social security" as a financial safety net for the elderly, widows, and orphans, groups that suffered great financial and societal upheaval at that time. But when it was enacted in 1935, the Social Security program was far from the universal safety net that both Roosevelt and...(Read Full Article)