Howard Zinn's Dupes?

After years of digging into countless pages of FBI files, KGB documents, Soviet media archives, dusty old copies of the Daily Worker, declassified Comintern Archives on Communist Party USA, and much more, my book was finally going to press, exposing how the communist movement, from Moscow to New York, cynically manipulated -- read: duped -- liberals/progressives for nearly a century.Among the words haunting me as I delivered the final manuscript were these: "I am open to the possibility that herein I myself have been duped on occasion." I acknowledged the likelihood that later declassified documents might reveal certain "innocents" in my book as actually something far worse.Indeed, my research had affirmed what I long suspected: Many self-professing "liberals/progressives," especially those railing against the alleged evils and excesses of America and, more so, of America's anti-communists, were, in fact, hardened communists -- albeit closet communists....(Read Full Article)