Have You Ever Noticed?

The dog days of August have arrived. The "summer of recovery" is evolving into a "winter of discontent" as virtually anywhere one looks, reality overwhelms the rhetoric of the ruling class. It appears that those in the White House, Congress, and the liberal media believe an economic tooth fairy will soon appear and place under the national pillow 15 million new jobs and 5% GDP growth.But these are tough times for our friends in the Left; their overwhelmingly high opinion of themselves and their divine right to rule (see Barack and Michelle Obama) seems to be running afoul of the unwashed masses. The majority of the American citizenry has seen through the current ruling class and cannot be fooled any longer.In that spirit, herewith are some observations on our colleagues on the other side (also known as Progressives or Liberals):Have you ever noticed that many on the Left cannot acknowledge their own mistakes while accusing the rest of us of causing those same...(Read Full Article)