Have You Ever Noticed?

The dog days of August have arrived. The "summer of recovery" is evolving into a "winter of discontent" as virtually anywhere one looks, reality overwhelms the rhetoric of the ruling class. It appears that those in the White House, Congress, and the liberal media believe an economic tooth fairy will soon appear and place under the national pillow 15 million new jobs and 5% GDP growth.

But these are tough times for our friends in the Left; their overwhelmingly high opinion of themselves and their divine right to rule (see Barack and Michelle Obama) seems to be running afoul of the unwashed masses. The majority of the American citizenry has seen through the current ruling class and cannot be fooled any longer.

In that spirit, herewith are some observations on our colleagues on the other side (also known as Progressives or Liberals):

Have you ever noticed that many on the Left cannot acknowledge their own mistakes while accusing the rest of us of causing those same mistakes?

George Orwell once wrote, "People can foresee the future only when it coincides with their own wishes, and the most grossly obvious facts can be ignored when they are unwelcome."

The United States is facing some very stark realities. The current debt and spending levels will soon bankrupt the country. However, to our Progressive cabal, this is acceptable if it results in the utopia only they can envision and provide for the people. This illusion is too important to be sidetracked by the inconvenience of practical economics or reality.

After all, the problems society faces (as determined by the Left) were caused by a lack of compassion -- and the compassion of the ruling class, using other people's money, will solve all of the nation's ills.

The rest of us are supposed to ignore the fact that socialism has never succeeded wherever it has been tried; it's just that the unrivaled ability of American socialists has never been given the opportunity to show that it will (until now).

Have you ever noticed that the Left has no sense of humor and is unable to laugh at itself while reveling in off-color commentary about the rest of us?

Of course, it stands to reason that if one is deeply committed to saving the world from the ravages of mankind and the irresponsibility of capitalism, it is very serious business. Only those with a self-perceived superior intellect and sense of destiny need apply. 

Unfortunately, the worst part of joining in this crusade is having to deal with those who cannot appreciate the motives and good intentions of the Left and are somehow stuck in the arcane world of the rule of law or the Constitution.

Therefore, to the Liberal elite, there is little need to enter into a debate with these nonbelievers. They must simply be dismissed as beneath contempt by using as many creative pejoratives as possible.

That could explain why the Left has been such a dismal failure in talk radio. When ideology trumps all and one is convinced of intellectual superiority and ability, it is difficult to talk of anything else, much less do so in an entertaining or self-deprecating manner.

Have you ever noticed that to the Left, political ideology is a religion, while to the rest of us, religion is the antidote to their political ideology?

The bedrock of the Left's political philosophy is the principle that the state is dominant over man. That forms the basis for Marxism, Socialism, Nazism, or any of the other -isms proven over the past century to be a failure. Religion, particularly Christianity, teaches that only God is superior to man. 

Therefore, the Left cannot accept religion and must denigrate those who do. In the alternative, they must substitute allegiance to and worship at the altar of a statist ideology with particular emphasis on unfettered abortion rights, with the same fervor and belief as do those who believe in the direct relationship between God and man. 

The United States, founded on the tenet that the state serves the citizen, whose rights come from God, has become the most successful nation in the history of mankind. In order for the Left to change the United States into a socialist paradise, they must overthrow the founding principle of the country. 

Have you ever noticed that to the Left, if you attended an Ivy League college and espouse liberal talking points, you are a genius, but if you attended an Ivy League college and espouse conservative ideas, you are a knuckle-dragging moron?

This is a truism if one attends not only an Ivy League college, but any sort of institution, penal or otherwise, as long as one pledges allegiance to the  movement. This apparent contradiction makes perfect sense to the dedicated believer: It must be understood that those who have been preordained to rule must not be questioned or opposed.

Lastly, have you ever noticed that whenever the Left approaches an election cycle, it uses an eighty-year-old playbook, and the rest of us are only just now catching on?

Franklin Roosevelt, that paragon of progressivism, established the basic ground rules of election and reelection for his party: Spend huge sums of money in each district prior to an election, use the media to drive wedges into the conservative coalition, and accuse your opponents of favoring the rich and of being deceitful and dishonest. This strategy was, in the 1970s, amended to include the charge of "racism" as often as possible.

President Obama and the Democrats are using the same tactics in the upcoming November 2010 election. 

The Democrats and their allies in the once-mainstream media have already begun to try to split up any potential coalition between the Republicans, the Tea Party movement, and Independents. One can also be assured that opposition research is well underway to destroy by innuendo the reputation of any opponent in November.

However, the majority of the American people now know what the Left is up to and who they are, as well as what the future of the country will be with them in charge for any further length of time.

So, to the Left: Have you ever noticed that those really dumb people in flyover country aren't so stupid after all?